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The Golden Ages Exhibition

A period in history that flourished between the 7th – 17th century that spanned three continents, commonly misinterpreted as the “Dark Ages”, was a vital link often overlooked in the historiography of science between the ancient and the modern worlds- The Muslim Civilisation, which was in fact the “Golden Ages” of the human civilisation.
Another unique exhibition with timelines and bespoke materials, uncovering the cultural roots of science in this era, that contributed to the incredible expansion and advances in various fields of knowledge, who were the game-changers of numerous innovations that are taken for granted in daily life.

“Perhaps this eye-opening outlook of the past can actually serve as a blueprint for designing a brighter future together, going a long way in creating respect, social cohesion and reducing extremism,” says Prof Salim Al-Hassani, Chief Editor & Chairman, FSTC.


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