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A noun that fails to truly capture the lifetime of sacrifices made by one individual;

A full time occupation entailing sleepless nights and limitless supply of patience and love; 

The invisible superglue that binds together diverse personalities and remains calm within a storm.....

A single versatile figure - The Mother.

The appreciation for the mother transcends race, culture, caste, religion and nationalities.

It is a universal role acknowledged in all corners across the globe. 

Pink Sugar
A special creative competition for your MUM

Poster Designing, Quotes & Poem writing competition

How to make a Great Poster, Quote or write a Poem

* Think of innovative ideas to explore YOUR potential creative talent

* Express yourself how much you love your mum

* Use an A4 Paper (one side)

* Plan on a rough paper before making the final version

* Use various colours, borders, shades, objects- anything creative to express yourself!

* The Poster should be legible, readable, and well organised & presentable

* Do NOT use computers or tablets to create your work

* Do NOT draw a picture of your mum

* Do NOT forget to mention your Full Name, Year Group and School Name at the corner of the front page

* Special Prizes awaiting!!


Award Day

Sunday 19 March 2023

@ Britain's First Mosque, 

Quilliam Masjid,

8-10 Brougham Terrace,

Liverpool, L6 1AE


Previous Mothers Day Event

A unique opportunity to tickle our budding generation express and explore their potential, whilst an attempt to bring communities together.

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