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Open Days and Exhibitions are the perfect way for local communities to come and learn more about the Islamic faith. Our Open Days and Exhibitions are usually held in public spaces such as museums, public libraries and town halls. While exhibitions are set up to enliven a learning experience about Islam, our open days are events for the whole family to experience.

Our exhibitions are made up of various high-quality display material, from bespoke banners and posters, to artifacts and models, to video and audio material too. In addition to these, our open days also have interactive activities and refreshments for children and adults to enjoy. These events are not made possible without our amazing team of volunteers who act as the host to the events, providing attendees a more rich and welcoming experience.

Below are the four main types of exhibitions we offer. These can come in the form of an Open Day or a stand alone Exhibition etc.


Discover Islam Exhibition

Our Discover Islam exhibition is a one-stop exhibition that gives the viewer a holistic and wholesome view about Islam. From understanding the basic tenets of the Islamic faith to learning about the family role within Islam, the role of Muslim civilisation in history and much more!
This exhibition has all forms of high-quality banners, posters, models and audio-visual materials too.

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Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) Exhibition

Muslims believe Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is the last and final messenger sent to the whole of mankind, chosen by God Almighty. This exclusive exhibition walks you through his lifetime, through challenges that he had to face to share and convey this message of God Almighty for mankind to benefit for all times.
The highlight of this exhibition is the state-of-the-art models, bespoke banners and audio-visual materials that display the Prophet (pbuh)'s unique character of being the chosen and a Mercy to humanity.

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Jesus (pbuh) In Islam Exhibition

Jesus (peace be upon him) is one of the most revered prophets in Islam. This exhibition boasts an attractive display of banners and posters in collaboration with iERA. They, along with our hosts explain the status of Jesus (pbuh) in Islam, his and his mother Mary (pbuh) mention in the Qur’an, and what Muslims believe about him (pbuh).
A brilliant means to allay misconceptions and build bridges between various faiths.


The Golden Ages Exhibition

A period in history that flourished between the 7th – 17th century that spanned three continents, commonly misinterpreted as the “Dark Ages”, was a vital link often overlooked in the historiography of science between the ancient and the modern worlds. The Muslim Civilisation, was in fact the “Golden Ages” of the human civilisation.

Another unique exhibition with timelines and bespoke materials, uncovering the cultural roots of science in the era that contributed to the incredible expansion and advances in various fields of knowledge, who were the game-changers of numerous innovations that are taken for granted in daily life.

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