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What We Do

We host a wide range of events for communities, adapting to the venue size, ranging from large exhibitions to school events and open days.

Our events look to create an engaging and stimulating experience for all.

Our event model is easily adaptable to different age groups or professional backgrounds. Over the past 17 years, we have held events in various settings.

Open Days and Exhibitions

Open Days and Exhibitions are the perfect way for local communities to come and learn more about the Islamic faith and its teachings.

Our Open Days and Exhibitions are usually held in public spaces such as museums, public libraries, and town halls.

It gives an opportunity for the communities to share and clarify any misconceptions at a neutral venue.


School Visits

School assemblies and RE lessons are our most popular service among schools, since Islam forms part of the RE syllabus.

We have tailored lessons filled with educational activities for both primary and secondary schools.

Would you like MYMN to come to your school?

At Mosques

Mosques are institutions of spiritual and material guidance, halls of worship, schools of knowledge, the centre for literacy pursuits and multi-purpose events. The Visit My Mosque, is an annual National event organised by the Muslim Council of Britain, opening the doors to public to clear misconceptions, break barriers and improve social cohesion.
Additionally, we help organise unique mosque tours for schools and any organizations interested to benefit throughout the year.

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In Universities

Universities are the hub of education and diversity. Our most popular projects within University settings is in any interfaith discussions and Discover Islam week. We also hold seminars relating to specific topics.

Want MYMN to come to your University or collaborate with your University society?

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Want To Know More?

Check out our previous events.

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